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      Janice C.

      At Gallery Teachers, we endorse the philosophy of building on your previous knowledge and experience as opposed to just imparting knowledge on you.

      Reflective questions:
      1. Do you think students enjoy role play activities? Why / not?
      2. What challenges are there in teaching writing online?

      Please post any reflections or questions you may already have about the topic to the workshop forum below. Susie will address these in the live session.

      Now that you have reflected on the questions above, it is time to join the live session. Enjoy it!

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      1.- Yes,according to my experience,students enjoy role play activities provided they they are well planned and suitable, not only to their specific age group but also to their cultural background. In a mixed cultural background, selecting the right materials is very important for a successful lesson.
      2.-The challenges are that the time online is always shorter than face to face and most of the initial work has to be handed in and be prepared previous to the start of the online lesson.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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