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      Reflect on what has been covered and agree or disagree with the information presented in this module.

      Look back through the material and/or your notes and summarise and reflect further on…

      • how you found the Module and the way you have felt;
      • the skills you have seen and practised in this Module. 

      You do not need to write an essay, just some thoughts on what you have learned. You can use bullet points.

      Remember to read at least two other postings and choose one to post a response.

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      Effective classroom management helps a lot to make teaching successful. Using effective correction techniques, seating the students’ according to the planned activities, creating pleasant atmosphere – these things as well as some others contribute to great learnng outcomes.
      I like the techniques and ideas presented in the module. I am sure that all of them will have to improve my teaching.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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