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      Reflect on what has been covered in this module and agree or disagree with the information presented.

      Look back through the material and/or your notes and summarise and reflect further on…

      • how you found the module and the way you have felt;
      • the skills you have seen and practised in this module. 

      You do not need to write an essay, just some thoughts on what you have learned. You can use bullet points.

      Remember to read at least two other postings and choose one to post a response.

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      I found the information learned in this module very interesting, useful and helpful.
      I have learned that the English language is divided into language skills and language systems; that a student is the main element in the lesson; that communicative learning means students are actively involved in the lesson; the teacher has a lot of roles in the lessons; that lead-in should be interesting, engaging.

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        Gabi Kotlubaj

        I wonder if your understanding of what we teach in the classroom when we teach English has been altered in any way after you have completed this module? And if you are already an experienced teacher, has this module helped you reflect on your own teaching? Just a thought ;=)

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          Good refresher on communicative learning approach and the focus on asking questions

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      The information in the modul was very interesting and helpful. I learned a lot of new information, particularly the information about communicative learning and its peculiarities.

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        Gabi Kotlubaj

        Was there anything in this module that surprised you? or perhaps something you are not quite sure you agree with ;=)

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      The module has been really useful and I definitely say that something will change in my lesson. Currently, I’ve been teaching my subject in English, that is P.E., but I need to know better all the aspects of the language and the course is well structure and helpful. I think that the teaching methodology is transferable for any subject so, I am really excited to go over.

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        I agree that some information covered in this module can be applied to teaching any subject. There are numerous roles that teachers have.

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      The information in this module was really useful. It covered all the basic points we should keep in mind while seeing ourselves as teachers: how to be an effective teacher, what types of lead ins are good, what roles we have while teaching. I think all these points are important for anyone who want to teach effectively.

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      All throughout this module I felt guided and supported. I agree with others that this has been really helpful to fully understand communicative teaching and learning. In fact, I was surprised to learn that teachers are not supposed to provide explanations but to guide students to learn by themselves. It made me reflect upon my own teaching and I realised that I should make some changes in this aspect, although I still believe that at some points an explanation can be of help.
      I also learnt about the four systems of a language and this also encouraged me to present learning objectives in a different way.

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      Miralynn Malupa

      Very practical approach to learning how to teach a (foreign) language. I found the lead-in questions advice as a great reminder that these should not take more than 10 minutes. Transitions are important; once students’ interests are geenrated, it’s time to gradually move on to the target lesson of the day.

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