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      It is time to leave your reflective thoughts on Teaching Listening Skills Module.

      Reflect on what has been covered and agree or disagree with the information presented in this Module.

      Look back through the material and/or your notes and summarise and reflect further on…

      • how you found the Module and the way you have felt;
      • the skills you have seen and practised in this Module. 

      You do not need to write an essay, just some thoughts on what you have learned. You can use bullet points.

      Remember to read at least two other postings and post a response to one of them.

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      While going through, I felt rather challenged and sometimes puzzled. Some of the exercises were not as easy as they initially seemed to be. The teacher’scommentaries are very well done.

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      Refreshing my understanding of the best structure for teaching receptive skills has been very helpful. The videos clips are very useful – the perfect length to demonstrate the points made. I felt challenged by the quizzes at the end of various sections, but they reinforced the concepts and points made. I felt the concept of listening for specific detail might have been clearer.

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        I absolutely agree with you. This module also made me think carefully about my answers to quiz questions. I revisited some lessons to mak sure I understand everything.

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      This module was quite challenging for me. I had to take time and think over my answers to the exercises and quizes.
      I like the examples of different kinds of activities a teacher can use at different stages of a listening lesson.

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      This module seems more challenging than previous modules. I like the fact that it has same sub skills with Reading skill. The exercises and quizzes were quite challenging as well. I had to go back to the lessons before I could answer them.

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        Gabi Kotlubaj

        I remember you mentioning how neglected listening skills are in the classroom. I do hope this module helped you get a better understanding of the importance of teaching listening and how listening is immediately related to speaking. To help our students become effective communicators, we need to make an explicit connection between listening and speaking through integrating skills in our daily teaching practice.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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