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      Reflect on what has been covered in this module and agree or disagree with the information presented in this module.

      Look back through the material and/or your notes and summarise and reflect further on…

      • how you found the Module and the way you have felt;
      • the skills you have seen and practised in this Module. 

      You do not need to write an essay, just some thoughts on what you have learned. You can use bullet points.

      Remember to read at least two other postings and choose one to post a response.

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      I found this module informative but rather difficult. I had to reread and revise information about teaching reading skills in order to complete tasks.
      I have learnt about various types of reading. Now I have a better understanding of the stages of a reading lesson and the different tasks to help students develop their skimming, scanning and detailed reading skills.

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      I agree with Valentina, I found this module a bit difficult in some tasks, but really detailed and well structured. Very clear explanation about planning a reading lesson, the stages and the examples of activities given were exhaustive, definitely great professional module.

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        Gabi Kotlubaj

        Thank you Valentina and Fernanda! We are happy you found the module a little bit challenging and very happy you have completed it;=) We hope the information in this module helped you understand the principles of teaching reading skills, and it will help you design your own reading lessons in the future! Remember to download all lesson handouts and worksheets for your reference.
        Good luck with the next modules!

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      The module refreshed my background knowledge and improved some of my skills. The tasks kept me interested and motivated. Video summary is always much more helpfull than just reading the lines.

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        I agree that video summaries are really helpful when it comes to revising the material. I like that the authors of the course kept them short and informative.

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      I liked the module because it helped me to refresh the structure of a reading lesson. I also liked the tips on writing effective comprehension questions because very often a teacher should adapt a textbook to make his or her lessons more effective.

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        I agree that teachers should adapt a textbook to make lessons more effective. In my opinion, for different reasons teachers might “forget” to do it, and this module provides tips and ideas for doing it effectively.

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      I enjoyed this module more than the previous one. I agree with others in that it was challenging, but it is also well-structured and it has helped me to become more aware of the different stages of a reading lesson. It also provides examples and ideas to create tasks. Overall, I found this module very interesting and useful.

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      This module was extremely helpful. The structure, examples, video and summary work well to give a solid understanding of how to create an effective reading skills lesson. The video in particular really helped to bring everything together. I found this module easier than others as there aren’t too many new technical words to learn.

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