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      Jessica Fan

      Have a quick think about the reflective questions below in order to get the most out of the workshop:
      1. To what extent do coursebooks and other external teaching materials inform the grammar you teach and how you teach it?
      2. Do you ever see a grammar teaching point in your course book and question its validity? If so, what do you do?
      3. What do you do if you ever see an example of grammar in use and feel unable to explain it?

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      It is one of the subject with variety of topics and loaded with rules and exceptions that makes it difficult for the learners to comprehend.

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      The Grammer which your office is offering to us found to be very much helpful and enriching and looking for the same

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      Grammar means a lot while learning stress, intonation, expressing feelings, questioning and sharing thought im any language. But grammar is of less focused during learning of any language for speaking purposes. What’s the difference?
      Either language depends upon grammar learning as well or not?

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      I really enjoyed the workshop and learned that grammar can be taught in a wider context.

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      souad.seed ahmad

      It’s effective to learn what best syllabi perfectly fit to the communicative approach and how does learning grammar in context match learners’ needs

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      souad.seed ahmad


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