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      Reflective Questions
      1. What’s your attitude to using coursebook in class?
      2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using coursebooks in class?

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      Janice C.

      Coursebooks are great for newly qualified teachers. Some students believe that they must learn English from coursebooks, sometimes it could be difficult for them to realise that they could learn more outside one fixed coursebook.

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      Reflective Questions for Effective Teaching with Minimum or Zero Preparation Materials session:

      1. What zero prep activities do you use in your lessons?
      2. Do you have a favourite one?
      3. How do you adjust such activities for online teaching?

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      1.- Coursebooks are fine and a great help in the early years of your teaching as they provides tempo and structure.I still use coursebooks when I start with a new group and I need to assess their needs.
      2.- The advantage, I think. is that they provided a framework but the disadvantage is that they often do not provide topics relevant to the students cultural background.

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