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      Reflective Questions
      1. Reflect on the song selection checklist and write down the most important aspects of the checklist.
      2. How can nursery rhyme books and problematic situations be use for storytelling?
      3. How can an oral story/quest made from a chant be used for storytelling?
      4.How can we start from TPR and dramatizing and deliver a storytelling session?

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      2. I believe it brings fun into the classroom and is very useful with young students to learn simple vocabulary and act spontaneously without inhibitions.
      3. Images can be incorporated to add visuals elements to the story.
      4. Students imitate movement and sound and once they have stablished the connection between those two, the teacher writes the words and sentences on the board.

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      The most important aspect of the checklist is that the song should be relevant with your teaching objectives and with the age group you are teaching.

      Nursery rhymes can be used to teach or introduce new vocabulary such as action verbs, animals etc.

      Chants can be used as drilling activities. Repeating the sentences in rhythm will enhance memorization.

      TPR helps students to associate certain actions with certain language. Students enjoy it as they will be physically active during the lesson.

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      Thank you for such a fun workshop. It was really encouraging, and I’m so excited to put the things I learnt in to practice one day. Wishing everyone all the best 🙂

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      Thank you for this wonderful session.

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