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      Reflective Questions:
      1. Why do you think stories help us to internalise our learnings?
      2. Why are adverts convenient for the classroom?
      3. Have you ever used an advert to teach? What did you teach with it?
      4. Is there anything important to consider when choosing an advert?

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      1.-I think its because often we can establish paralelisms with life and also establish links and similarities with our most immediate reality.
      2. Adverts are visual elements which contribute to active and participative lessons where students can express their likes , dislikes, interests and preferences as well as encouraging the creative side of most students.
      3.I have always used adverts for teaching.I have used them to teach imperatives, give advice, practise the use of comparatives, to teach verb of perception, make predictions and I have also encourage my students to produce their own advert and and prsent them to the rest of the class.
      4.I also consider the age group, cultural background and, in some cases, my students social and financial family background.

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      Janice C.

      Here are the links for the two adverts shown in the input session:
      Advert 1

      Advert 2

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      Janice C.

      Other ads that you could be used in your next English lesson:

      Mr W

      Christmas Truce of 1914, World War I – For Sharing, For Peace

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