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      Have a quick think about the reflective questions below in order to get the most out of the workshop:
      1. Is Visual Literacy something you already try to develop in your classroom?
      2. How can you adapt some of your textbook material for your next lesson to develop visual literacy in your students?
      3. Do some of the activities you use in the classroom already help develop visual literacy in your students?
      4. How would being visually literate benefit your students in their everyday lives?

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      1.- Up the a certain degree, I believe I have always done so in my lessons. However, lately our students, with the widespread use of technology, are constantly exposed to visual stimuli which I would like to think makes certain aspects of teaching easier as they can interpret and make meaning from images we may be using to teach a given lesson.
      2.-To incorporate extra visual materials to help with the understanding of a text,given contex and to help to negotiate and extract meaning from images.
      3.-When it implies text types such as adverts, signs, letters, emails, comic strips, film clips… visual literacy is being used in the classroom and I make good use of all those.
      4.-It helps them to be more self-confident, to understand the context and become better critical thinkers and good negotiators.

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