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      Do you want to contribute to the English Language Teaching (ELT) industry and shape the community together with Gallery Teachers?

      Then send us your application today and join us as a Forum Moderator!

      A Good Moderator

      As a Moderator, you will be more than just a EFL teacher; you will become a respected figure of the EFL community. You will also help support your fellow teachers to improve their teaching skills. Join the team – We’re looking for highly motivated individuals to contribute to forum management and encourage positive discussions and activities. This is a great opportunity to earn additional GT membership points! The more active you are, the more rewards you will be able to gain from helping others!

      Your profile:

      • You are over the age of 21
      • You are knowledgeable about ELT and can provide tips to other teachers about teaching English and you like to lend a helping hand.
      • You like playing the role of moderator and are diplomatic and fair
      • You are good with computers and maybe even know a little bit of HTML
      • You’re online at least once a day
      • You are fluent in both written and spoken English
      • You are responsible, professional and are resilient to critique
      • You are a team-oriented individual who puts an emphasis on loyalty and exercises complete discretion

      Past experience as a moderator in other forums or chats is an added bonus, but is not a requirement. All are welcome to apply.

      Here’s a run-down of the duties that awaits you:

      • You enforce the rules.
      • You read and respond to almost all messages.
      • You’re the external representative for the team.
      • You provide the users with help and advice.
      • You play an active part in developing new ideas
      • You moderate to the best of your ability and knowledge.
      • You communicate as often as possible with the Mod team if guidance is required.

      How can you apply?

      In order for us to get a better picture of you, we’d be more than happy to receive an email from you with the following information:

      • What’s your name?
      • How long have you been in the ELT industry?
      • Which country are you from?
      • In general, what times are you usually online?
      • What is your motivation to become a moderator?

      So, did we spark your interest? Then send us your application today!

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      Are you still hiring? I’m interested

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