Andy Martin has been working with English learners and teachers for more than 45 years. Trained by the US Peace Corps in the 1960’s, he has worked internationally, and in the US, in Primary, Secondary, University and Adult Education. With an M.Ed. from Teachers College, Columbia University, he was a teacher, supervisor, teacher trainer, and curriculum consultant for the first half of his career. The second half was spent in the textbook publishing industry, beginning as an author for Longman and then doing mostly marketing, sales and teacher training at eight other ESL publishers. Andy retired five years ago and has since been running two ESL blogs directed primarily towards English teachers who are not native speakers of English. The first, Rolls off the Tongue, teaches English idioms through cartoon illustrations It is also available as an app on iTunes. The second blog, What’s So Funny? is a daily podcast which explains jokes for English learners, . Both blogs are also available on facebook and Twitter.