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Drilling Techniques in the EFL Classroom

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Many teachers lack the confidence to provide their learners with sufficient controlled oral practice in the classroom. This workshop introduces you to different drilling techniques for use with every level.

Whether you are working through a skills lesson, or encouraging learners to use new vocabulary or grammar, drilling can be integrated into every lesson! In this session you will be shown different methods to support students as they work towards more meaningful speaking practice.

We look at how and why you can provide useful pronunciation practice in class: from individual or tricky sounds, through to functional phrases and lexical chunks and then working all the way up to full phrases. The session shows teachers applying these practical techniques via Zoom classes, but all the ideas can be used in face-to-face teaching environments too. Done properly, drilling is intense but enjoyable, and having the knowledge and assurance to utilise two or three different techniques will keep your learners focused and motivated throughout.

This Workshop is included with PRO Membership.

Preparing for the Workshop

Our Masterclass workshops are typically delivered in 90 mins.

At Gallery Teachers, we endorse the philosophy of building on your previous knowledge and experience as opposed to just imparting knowledge on you. 

Therefore, in order to prepare you for the webinar and help you activate what you already know about the topic, we will suggest two to four reflective questions for you to consider before you join the event.

You will also be given the opportunity to post your reflections, along with any questions you may already have at the pre-watching stage, to the discussion forum. 

The reflective questions, as well as ideas and shared experiences posted to the forum by attendees, will be used in the real-time Q&A session in order to generate an engaging and meaningful discussion, involving the presenter and teachers from around the world. 

After the event, the forum discussion will take on a life of its own and teachers will be encouraged to continue posting their experiences, reflections and questions related to the topic of the webinar. So, if you feel strongly about the topic, we will make it possible for you to take the discussion beyond the scheduled workshop and continue sharing your ideas with like-minded teachers and teacher trainers from other countries


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Drilling Techniques in the EFL Classroom

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Rated 5 out of 5
24th June 2021

It was great


Drilling Techniques in the EFL Classroom

Rated 5 out of 5
11th May 2021

Brilliant! A very engaging, active, energising and entertaining masterclass with amusing examples to practice in class. I have learned and absorbed new concepts, ideas and strategies on how to get the most of drilling during lessons , as well as ” opportunistic drilling” Thank you Susie, it has been great to attend another ones of your masterclasses. I highly recommend it.

Maria Josepa Pujol-Twinam

Very useful and inspiring

Rated 5 out of 5
11th May 2021

I like Susie’s workshops because I am dragged by her energy and every time I watch one of her masterclasses I feel like there are fireworks inside me, and I am full of ideas, looking forward to applied her techniques in my next class!